Why build a dwelling of distinction?

It is no secret that building a home is one of the most costly investments that can be made. If a dwelling is built properly, its investment and return potential is far greater than a house that has been put together in an unskilled and shoddy manner.

Cheapest quotation versus the more expensive quotation from a builder with a proven track record? It is a big possibility that you will save money in the long-term in choosing the more expensive quotation.

The building industry is littered with potential pitfalls. Choosing the right builder can be a difficult task. A potential homeowner generally chooses a builder who has submitted the lowest quotation but seldom tries to ascertain whether the lower price will indeed not result in a much higher cost. Too often have we heard horror stories of bad workmanship, builders that disappeared after receiving payment, structural defects that had to rectified at a much greater cost, houses having to be repaired mere months after completion, etc. Not to mention the headaches and grey hairs experienced by the would-be homeowners who have to battle and contend with these setbacks - definitely not the joyful and exciting experience which building your own home should've been!

You should love your newly-built home - not despise it.

At the end of the day it would have been prudent to choose the builder with the higher quotation and the proven track record, the builder who takes pride in its work and will complete the job with absolute attention to detail and quality, within an acceptable timeframe. The slightly higher price asked by the quality builder is often negligible if considering the costs and energy saved in rectifying problems that could possibly arise from an inferior construction.

Distinction Building Contractors "DBC" is your quality building contractor of choice on the West Coast of South Africa for all building work - new homes, renovations, alterations, additions, wooden decking and pergolas, waterproofing and insulation, and painting.

“We strive to provide the best quality workmanship and top-quality individualized service at affordable prices, as a building investment is often one of the best and most important investments a person can make in his/her lifetime.”

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