Who is DBC?

A Dwelling of Distinction requires a dedicated team willing to invest a lot of hard work and personal attention in its creation.

Distinction Building Contractors ("DBC") seeks to achieve just that, and have over many years gathered a capable and diligent team.

Brendon has been living and working on the West Coast for 22 years. Liza came to the West Coast 15 years ago, and has been assisting in building DBC with Brendon since then.

Honesty and reliability are what best describes our character.

We understand that building a house can be a costly experience, and do our best to offer our services at below market-related or at market-related costs, taking care to offer affordable prices without compromising on quality.

We handle each project with absolute integrity, taking special care to keep your property as clean and uncluttered as possible during the building process, not to waste material, and to invest our energy into a quality result.

We have many years experience in the construction industry, with special attention directed at the construction of typical "West Coast Fisherman" dwellings.

Best industry and professional practices are employed in the building of your home. We employ a qualified Land Surveyor to set out all our sites and buildings prior to the commencement of our projects. A qualified Engineer is employed in the capacity as Competent Person prior to the commencement of any project, and this engineer will do the necessary soil classification tests for NHBRC enrolment, do all compaction tests and roof inspection and certification, and design any concrete decks, beams, and staircases. Our houses are NHBRC certified, and we comply with insurance-requirements as set out by many of the gated villages and developments in our area. The members of our team receive competitive pay rates and many additional benefits, and we encourage a hands-on-approach and skills upgrade.

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