Cramped interiors are unpleasant

Cramped interiors are unpleasant - Mike Greeff gives 5 tips on how to improve.

With many homes these days being smaller than those of yesteryear, it has become essential to find ways of making interiors look bigger, says Mike Greeff, Chief Executive of Greeff Properties.

He has, he says, on several occasions found that some or all of the following steps can greatly improve the ‘feel’ of a home’s interior.

No 1: De-Clutter

“We all have furniture, knickknacks, pictures and semi-obsolete items which serve no real or decorative purpose in the home. A resolution should be taken to get them out of the way: store them, give them to your offspring or take them off to the auction houses. Also, however, consider seriously rearranging the layout of the furniture to achieve space. This can be done if you make a point of breaking the furniture ‘boundaries’ in the room.”

No 2: Lighten Up

“Well lit rooms automatically give a feeling of space and airiness. What is more, if your lighting network focuses on certain spots this creates the impression that there is an extra dimension beyond them. It is often possible to give a visitor to the room the feeling that there is ample space just beyond the light fringe - when in fact there is almost no space at all.”

No 3: Use Colour Creatively

“Try to use relatively few colours but make sure they harmonise. Be aware, again, that light, bright colours enhance a feeling of space. This has been proved so many times that it always surprises me to see how seldom this particular space enhancement method is used.”

No 4: Paint Over Tiles

“If a room’s walls are tiled and you feel that this creates a closed in, cramped atmosphere, remember that it is possible to paint over tiles, again using light colours. This will be a great deal cheaper than retiling in lighter hues.”

No 5: Think Lines and Circles

“Until quite recently, people were reluctant to have two colours or different patterns on the same wall. The truth is, however, that this can add character, interest and space to an interior.

“If you want to increase the feeling of space, use horizontal lines. If you want to ‘heighten’ the room, use vertical lines - and if you want to give a backdrop to a light, a vase or a picture, try a circle.

“Any deviation from the norms in this respect will always add interest and, once again, improve the feeling of space.”

These tips, says Greeff, are particularly relevant when a home is about to be put on a show day. Spending a few hundred rand and preparing the home in the ways described, he says, can very often make a significant difference to the impression it creates on visitors.

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