Keep track of your building work progress.

Articles are uploaded on a regular basis, together with charts and graphs for tracking the progress of the work, and relevant project documentation.

Articles consist of a photo gallery and a short description of where the work is at.

At the top of the home page is a chart detailing the current percentages of completion of each phase.

Click on Documentation in order to view the following project-related documents:

  • Engineers Documentation
  • NHBRC Documentation
  • Specifications Documentation
  • Technical Documentation
  • DBC Documentation

Click on the Progress Charts and Graphs menu item in order to view in Gantt Chart format the proposed milestone schedule as submitted prior to commencement of work, versus the actual milestone schedule.

Other charts include a pie chart that reflects the percentage of time spent on each phase, as well as a Time Variation chart that shows the difference in proposed versus actual time spent on each phase. All charts and graphs are updated in real time.

Click on Help Desk in order to access the ticketing system.

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