The DBC Online Information System

We are proud to offer you access to a convenient Online Information System, designed to provide you as a client of DBC with a regular transparent overview of the progress of your building work

We have very successfully introduced our online tracking system where a client can log in on a regular basis and view the progress of their building work. We have designed it so that you as our client can benefit from the following:

  • Absolute transparency of the building process is at the order of the day
  • You will be kept updated on the progress of your dwelling, even if not able to often visit the site
  • Updates consist of photo updates which gives you a photo overview of the work, and progress updates, which consist of Gantt-type schedules detailing the percentages completed with start and finish dates for each phase and subphase of work, and informative charts
  • Your profile provides a record of the work if ever you wish to reference it in the future
  • It is fun to follow the progress of your dwelling, and even your friends and family are able to do so from the comfort of their own homes should you wish to share your profile details with them

Each client is allocated a username and password so that their information is kept confidential. Only after they have logged in with this detail will the information pertaining to their work be displayed.

If you are an existing DBC client, log in with your confidential username and password in order to view the progress of the work on your property.

Enjoy, and please let us know if you require help or advice, or have some suggestions for improvement. drop Liza a mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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