• Remarkable home with spiral staircase and exposed-beam 'tower roofs' - completed in July 2017
  • Remarkable home with spiral staircase and 'tower roofs' overlooking the water - completed in July 2017.
  • A beautiful West Coast cottage overlooking the river close to Rooibaai in Port Owen, Velddrif.
  • A home recently completed on Admiral Island, with lovely large interior living spaces, rimflow pool, basement and site works.
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New Dwellings

We specialize in Fisherman-style cottages.

Ever considered your dream home to be a Fisherman-style cottage?

This 'old' style of building has now become very popular, especially with people who love that X-factor in the place where they love to live life to the fullest.

There's an enchanted kind of atmosphere within this style of house, a sort of richness which almost feels as if coming from the building itself - it could be because this style of house is so closely linked to the environment, the garden, the rich tapestry of nature which seems to always attract a wide variety of bird and plant life.

There is something so unique and time-honoured about these abodes which you can almost sense tangibly when taking a stroll through this array of photo's (all our own work) in the gallery below.

We also undertake all other building style, as well as commercial projects.

Be it a Tuscan style, Cape Vernacular or Facebrick building, or a modern glass, concrete and aluminium design, we have the necessary experience and are able to deliver your dream home to your requirements.

We take pride in our quality of construction and finishing. Every home is registered with the NHBRC, and our quality-control programme ensures that we strictly adhere to the rules and regulations as defined by the NHBRC body.

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