• A stoep is given new usability and atmosphere by its enclosure with brick and aluminium, as well as the addition of a Spaanse Riet ceiling
  • The installation of new wall tiles have contributed to a virtually brand-new and neat look in this kitchen
  • New life is breathed into this existing Velddrif home with a complete renovation of walls, floors, lights, skirtings, ceiling and cornishes.
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Would you love to ensure for yourself and your family a more comfortable and dynamic living space?

Is your bathroom old and battered and past it's bloom?

Well,what's nice about your old bathroom is that you already have a wonderful space, which is your bathroom space. By renovating it with new tiles, a new bath, a tap fitting or two, some paint..., you can breathe new luxury into that 'old' space and make it a place which you will simply love to retreat into.

And what about that old, outdated outside buildings?

With a few original thoughts and with planning inventively, you can change it into a wonderful new place in which to work, dream, relax. In fact, it could even become an added bedroom or a place of recreation ... who knows what you could have it renewed into...

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